Source code for cherrypy.test.test_objectmapping

import sys
import cherrypy
from cherrypy._cpcompat import ntou
from cherrypy._cptree import Application
from cherrypy.test import helper

script_names = ['', '/foo', '/users/fred/blog', '/corp/blog']

[docs]class ObjectMappingTest(helper.CPWebCase):
[docs] @staticmethod def setup_server(): class Root: @cherrypy.expose def index(self, name='world'): return name @cherrypy.expose def foobar(self): return 'bar' @cherrypy.expose def default(self, *params, **kwargs): return 'default:' + repr(params) @cherrypy.expose def other(self): return 'other' @cherrypy.expose def extra(self, *p): return repr(p) @cherrypy.expose def redirect(self): raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect('dir1/', 302) def notExposed(self): return 'not exposed' @cherrypy.expose def confvalue(self): return cherrypy.request.config.get('user') @cherrypy.expose def redirect_via_url(self, path): raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect(cherrypy.url(path)) @cherrypy.expose def translate_html(self): return 'OK' @cherrypy.expose def mapped_func(self, ID=None): return 'ID is %s' % ID setattr(Root, 'Von B\xfclow', mapped_func) class Exposing: @cherrypy.expose def base(self): return 'expose works!' cherrypy.expose(base, '1') cherrypy.expose(base, '2') class ExposingNewStyle(object): @cherrypy.expose def base(self): return 'expose works!' cherrypy.expose(base, '1') cherrypy.expose(base, '2') class Dir1: @cherrypy.expose def index(self): return 'index for dir1' @cherrypy.expose @cherrypy.config(**{'tools.trailing_slash.extra': True}) def myMethod(self): return 'myMethod from dir1, path_info is:' + repr( cherrypy.request.path_info) @cherrypy.expose def default(self, *params): return 'default for dir1, param is:' + repr(params) class Dir2: @cherrypy.expose def index(self): return 'index for dir2, path is:' + cherrypy.request.path_info @cherrypy.expose def script_name(self): return cherrypy.tree.script_name() @cherrypy.expose def cherrypy_url(self): return cherrypy.url('/extra') @cherrypy.expose def posparam(self, *vpath): return '/'.join(vpath) class Dir3: def default(self): return 'default for dir3, not exposed' class Dir4: def index(self): return 'index for dir4, not exposed' class DefNoIndex: @cherrypy.expose def default(self, *args): raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect('contact') # MethodDispatcher code @cherrypy.expose class ByMethod: def __init__(self, *things): self.things = list(things) def GET(self): return repr(self.things) def POST(self, thing): self.things.append(thing) class Collection: default = ByMethod('a', 'bit') Root.exposing = Exposing() Root.exposingnew = ExposingNewStyle() Root.dir1 = Dir1() Root.dir1.dir2 = Dir2() Root.dir1.dir2.dir3 = Dir3() Root.dir1.dir2.dir3.dir4 = Dir4() Root.defnoindex = DefNoIndex() Root.bymethod = ByMethod('another') Root.collection = Collection() d = cherrypy.dispatch.MethodDispatcher() for url in script_names: conf = {'/': {'user': (url or '/').split('/')[-2]}, '/bymethod': {'request.dispatch': d}, '/collection': {'request.dispatch': d}, } cherrypy.tree.mount(Root(), url, conf) class Isolated: @cherrypy.expose def index(self): return 'made it!' cherrypy.tree.mount(Isolated(), '/isolated') @cherrypy.expose class AnotherApp: def GET(self): return 'milk' cherrypy.tree.mount(AnotherApp(), '/app', {'/': {'request.dispatch': d}})
[docs] def testObjectMapping(self): for url in script_names: self.script_name = url self.getPage('/') self.assertBody('world') self.getPage('/dir1/myMethod') self.assertBody( "myMethod from dir1, path_info is:'/dir1/myMethod'") self.getPage('/this/method/does/not/exist') self.assertBody( "default:('this', 'method', 'does', 'not', 'exist')") self.getPage('/extra/too/much') self.assertBody("('too', 'much')") self.getPage('/other') self.assertBody('other') self.getPage('/notExposed') self.assertBody("default:('notExposed',)") self.getPage('/dir1/dir2/') self.assertBody('index for dir2, path is:/dir1/dir2/') # Test omitted trailing slash (should be redirected by default). self.getPage('/dir1/dir2') self.assertStatus(301) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/dir1/dir2/' % self.base()) # Test extra trailing slash (should be redirected if configured). self.getPage('/dir1/myMethod/') self.assertStatus(301) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/dir1/myMethod' % self.base()) # Test that default method must be exposed in order to match. self.getPage('/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/index') self.assertBody( "default for dir1, param is:('dir2', 'dir3', 'dir4', 'index')") # Test *vpath when default() is defined but not index() # This also tests HTTPRedirect with default. self.getPage('/defnoindex') self.assertStatus((302, 303)) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/contact' % self.base()) self.getPage('/defnoindex/') self.assertStatus((302, 303)) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/defnoindex/contact' % self.base()) self.getPage('/defnoindex/page') self.assertStatus((302, 303)) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/defnoindex/contact' % self.base()) self.getPage('/redirect') self.assertStatus('302 Found') self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/dir1/' % self.base()) if not getattr(cherrypy.server, 'using_apache', False): # Test that we can use URL's which aren't all valid Python # identifiers # This should also test the %XX-unquoting of URL's. self.getPage('/Von%20B%fclow?ID=14') self.assertBody('ID is 14') # Test that %2F in the path doesn't get unquoted too early; # that is, it should not be used to separate path components. # See ticket #393. self.getPage('/page%2Fname') self.assertBody("default:('page/name',)") self.getPage('/dir1/dir2/script_name') self.assertBody(url) self.getPage('/dir1/dir2/cherrypy_url') self.assertBody('%s/extra' % self.base()) # Test that configs don't overwrite each other from different apps self.getPage('/confvalue') self.assertBody((url or '/').split('/')[-2]) self.script_name = '' # Test absoluteURI's in the Request-Line self.getPage('http://%s:%s/' % (self.interface(), self.PORT)) self.assertBody('world') self.getPage('http://%s:%s/abs/?service=' % (self.interface(), self.PORT)) self.assertBody("default:('abs',)") self.getPage('/rel/?service=') self.assertBody("default:('rel',)") # Test that the "isolated" app doesn't leak url's into the root app. # If it did leak, Root.default() would answer with # "default:('isolated', 'doesnt', 'exist')". self.getPage('/isolated/') self.assertStatus('200 OK') self.assertBody('made it!') self.getPage('/isolated/doesnt/exist') self.assertStatus('404 Not Found') # Make sure /foobar maps to Root.foobar and not to the app # mounted at /foo. See # self.getPage('/foobar') self.assertBody('bar')
[docs] def test_translate(self): self.getPage('/translate_html') self.assertStatus('200 OK') self.assertBody('OK') self.getPage('/translate.html') self.assertStatus('200 OK') self.assertBody('OK') self.getPage('/translate-html') self.assertStatus('200 OK') self.assertBody('OK')
[docs] def test_redir_using_url(self): for url in script_names: self.script_name = url # Test the absolute path to the parent (leading slash) self.getPage('/redirect_via_url?path=./') self.assertStatus(('302 Found', '303 See Other')) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/' % self.base()) # Test the relative path to the parent (no leading slash) self.getPage('/redirect_via_url?path=./') self.assertStatus(('302 Found', '303 See Other')) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/' % self.base()) # Test the absolute path to the parent (leading slash) self.getPage('/redirect_via_url/?path=./') self.assertStatus(('302 Found', '303 See Other')) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/' % self.base()) # Test the relative path to the parent (no leading slash) self.getPage('/redirect_via_url/?path=./') self.assertStatus(('302 Found', '303 See Other')) self.assertHeader('Location', '%s/' % self.base())
[docs] def testPositionalParams(self): self.getPage('/dir1/dir2/posparam/18/24/hut/hike') self.assertBody('18/24/hut/hike') # intermediate index methods should not receive posparams; # only the "final" index method should do so. self.getPage('/dir1/dir2/5/3/sir') self.assertBody("default for dir1, param is:('dir2', '5', '3', 'sir')") # test that extra positional args raises an 404 Not Found # See self.getPage('/dir1/dir2/script_name/extra/stuff') self.assertStatus(404)
[docs] def testExpose(self): # Test the cherrypy.expose function/decorator self.getPage('/exposing/base') self.assertBody('expose works!') self.getPage('/exposing/1') self.assertBody('expose works!') self.getPage('/exposing/2') self.assertBody('expose works!') self.getPage('/exposingnew/base') self.assertBody('expose works!') self.getPage('/exposingnew/1') self.assertBody('expose works!') self.getPage('/exposingnew/2') self.assertBody('expose works!')
[docs] def testMethodDispatch(self): self.getPage('/bymethod') self.assertBody("['another']") self.assertHeader('Allow', 'GET, HEAD, POST') self.getPage('/bymethod', method='HEAD') self.assertBody('') self.assertHeader('Allow', 'GET, HEAD, POST') self.getPage('/bymethod', method='POST', body='thing=one') self.assertBody('') self.assertHeader('Allow', 'GET, HEAD, POST') self.getPage('/bymethod') self.assertBody(repr(['another', ntou('one')])) self.assertHeader('Allow', 'GET, HEAD, POST') self.getPage('/bymethod', method='PUT') self.assertErrorPage(405) self.assertHeader('Allow', 'GET, HEAD, POST') # Test default with posparams self.getPage('/collection/silly', method='POST') self.getPage('/collection', method='GET') self.assertBody("['a', 'bit', 'silly']") # Test custom dispatcher set on app root (see #737). self.getPage('/app') self.assertBody('milk')
[docs] def testTreeMounting(self): class Root(object): @cherrypy.expose def hello(self): return 'Hello world!' # When mounting an application instance, # we can't specify a different script name in the call to mount. a = Application(Root(), '/somewhere') self.assertRaises(ValueError, cherrypy.tree.mount, a, '/somewhereelse') # When mounting an application instance... a = Application(Root(), '/somewhere') # ...we MUST allow in identical script name in the call to mount... cherrypy.tree.mount(a, '/somewhere') self.getPage('/somewhere/hello') self.assertStatus(200) # ...and MUST allow a missing script_name. del cherrypy.tree.apps['/somewhere'] cherrypy.tree.mount(a) self.getPage('/somewhere/hello') self.assertStatus(200) # In addition, we MUST be able to create an Application using # script_name == None for access to the wsgi_environ. a = Application(Root(), script_name=None) # However, this does not apply to tree.mount self.assertRaises(TypeError, cherrypy.tree.mount, a, None)
[docs] def testKeywords(self): if sys.version_info < (3,): return self.skip('skipped (Python 3 only)') exec("""class Root(object): @cherrypy.expose def hello(self, *, name='world'): return 'Hello %s!' % name cherrypy.tree.mount(Application(Root(), '/keywords'))""") self.getPage('/keywords/hello') self.assertStatus(200) self.getPage('/keywords/hello/extra') self.assertStatus(404)