Source code for cherrypy.test.test_tools

"""Test the various means of instantiating and invoking tools."""

import gzip
import io
import sys
import time
import types
import unittest
import operator
from http.client import IncompleteRead

import cherrypy
from cherrypy import tools
from cherrypy._cpcompat import ntou
from cherrypy.test import helper, _test_decorators

timeout = 0.2
europoundUnicode = ntou('\x80\xa3')

#                             Client-side code                             #

[docs]class ToolTests(helper.CPWebCase):
[docs] @staticmethod def setup_server(): # Put check_access in a custom toolbox with its own namespace myauthtools = cherrypy._cptools.Toolbox('myauth') def check_access(default=False): if not getattr(cherrypy.request, 'userid', default): raise cherrypy.HTTPError(401) myauthtools.check_access = cherrypy.Tool( 'before_request_body', check_access) def numerify(): def number_it(body): for chunk in body: for k, v in cherrypy.request.numerify_map: chunk = chunk.replace(k, v) yield chunk cherrypy.response.body = number_it(cherrypy.response.body) class NumTool(cherrypy.Tool): def _setup(self): def makemap(): m = self._merged_args().get('map', {}) cherrypy.request.numerify_map = list(m.items()) cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('on_start_resource', makemap) def critical(): cherrypy.request.error_response = cherrypy.HTTPError( 502).set_response critical.failsafe = True cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('on_start_resource', critical) cherrypy.request.hooks.attach(self._point, self.callable) tools.numerify = NumTool('before_finalize', numerify) # It's not mandatory to inherit from cherrypy.Tool. class NadsatTool: def __init__(self): self.ended = {} self._name = 'nadsat' def nadsat(self): def nadsat_it_up(body): for chunk in body: chunk = chunk.replace(b'good', b'horrorshow') chunk = chunk.replace(b'piece', b'lomtick') yield chunk cherrypy.response.body = nadsat_it_up(cherrypy.response.body) nadsat.priority = 0 def cleanup(self): # This runs after the request has been completely written out. cherrypy.response.body = [b'razdrez'] id = cherrypy.request.params.get('id') if id: self.ended[id] = True cleanup.failsafe = True def _setup(self): cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('before_finalize', self.nadsat) cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('on_end_request', self.cleanup) tools.nadsat = NadsatTool() def pipe_body(): cherrypy.request.process_request_body = False clen = int(cherrypy.request.headers['Content-Length']) cherrypy.request.body = # Assert that we can use a callable object instead of a function. class Rotator(object): def __call__(self, scale): r = cherrypy.response r.collapse_body() r.body = [bytes([(x + scale) % 256 for x in r.body[0]])] = cherrypy.Tool('before_finalize', Rotator()) def stream_handler(next_handler, *args, **kwargs): actual = cherrypy.request.config.get('tools.streamer.arg') assert actual == 'arg value' cherrypy.response.output = o = io.BytesIO() try: next_handler(*args, **kwargs) # Ignore the response and return our accumulated output # instead. return o.getvalue() finally: o.close() = cherrypy._cptools.HandlerWrapperTool( stream_handler) class Root: @cherrypy.expose def index(self): return 'Howdy earth!' @cherrypy.expose @cherrypy.config(**{ 'tools.streamer.on': True, 'tools.streamer.arg': 'arg value', }) def tarfile(self): actual = cherrypy.request.config.get('tools.streamer.arg') assert actual == 'arg value' cherrypy.response.output.write(b'I am ') cherrypy.response.output.write(b'a tarfile') @cherrypy.expose def euro(self): hooks = list(cherrypy.request.hooks['before_finalize']) hooks.sort() cbnames = [x.callback.__name__ for x in hooks] assert cbnames == ['gzip'], cbnames priorities = [x.priority for x in hooks] assert priorities == [80], priorities yield ntou('Hello,') yield ntou('world') yield europoundUnicode # Bare hooks @cherrypy.expose @cherrypy.config(**{'hooks.before_request_body': pipe_body}) def pipe(self): return cherrypy.request.body # Multiple decorators; include kwargs just for fun. # Note that rotator must run before gzip. @cherrypy.expose def decorated_euro(self, *vpath): yield ntou('Hello,') yield ntou('world') yield europoundUnicode decorated_euro = tools.gzip(compress_level=6)(decorated_euro) decorated_euro = tools.rotator(scale=3)(decorated_euro) root = Root() class TestType(type): """Metaclass which automatically exposes all functions in each subclass, and adds an instance of the subclass as an attribute of root. """ def __init__(cls, name, bases, dct): type.__init__(cls, name, bases, dct) for value in dct.values(): if isinstance(value, types.FunctionType): cherrypy.expose(value) setattr(root, name.lower(), cls()) Test = TestType('Test', (object,), {}) # METHOD ONE: # Declare Tools in _cp_config @cherrypy.config(**{'tools.nadsat.on': True}) class Demo(Test): def index(self, id=None): return 'A good piece of cherry pie' def ended(self, id): return repr(tools.nadsat.ended[id]) def err(self, id=None): raise ValueError() def errinstream(self, id=None): yield 'nonconfidential' raise ValueError() yield 'confidential' # METHOD TWO: decorator using Tool() # We support Python 2.3, but the @-deco syntax would look like # this: # @tools.check_access() def restricted(self): return 'Welcome!' restricted = myauthtools.check_access()(restricted) userid = restricted def err_in_onstart(self): return 'success!' @cherrypy.config(**{'': True}) def stream(self, id=None): for x in range(100000000): yield str(x) conf = { # METHOD THREE: # Declare Tools in detached config '/demo': { 'tools.numerify.on': True, '': {b'pie': b'3.14159'}, }, '/demo/restricted': { 'request.show_tracebacks': False, }, '/demo/userid': { 'request.show_tracebacks': False, 'myauth.check_access.default': True, }, '/demo/errinstream': { '': True, }, '/demo/err_in_onstart': { # Because this isn't a dict, on_start_resource will error. '': 'pie->3.14159' }, # Combined tools '/euro': { 'tools.gzip.on': True, 'tools.encode.on': True, }, # Priority specified in config '/decorated_euro/subpath': { 'tools.gzip.priority': 10, }, # Handler wrappers '/tarfile': {'tools.streamer.on': True} } app = cherrypy.tree.mount(root, config=conf) app.request_class.namespaces['myauth'] = myauthtools root.tooldecs = _test_decorators.ToolExamples()
[docs] def testHookErrors(self): self.getPage('/demo/?id=1') # If body is "razdrez", then on_end_request is being called too early. self.assertBody('A horrorshow lomtick of cherry 3.14159') # If this fails, then on_end_request isn't being called at all. time.sleep(0.1) self.getPage('/demo/ended/1') self.assertBody('True') valerr = '\n raise ValueError()\nValueError' self.getPage('/demo/err?id=3') # If body is "razdrez", then on_end_request is being called too early. self.assertErrorPage(502, pattern=valerr) # If this fails, then on_end_request isn't being called at all. time.sleep(0.1) self.getPage('/demo/ended/3') self.assertBody('True') # If body is "razdrez", then on_end_request is being called too early. if (cherrypy.server.protocol_version == 'HTTP/1.0' or getattr(cherrypy.server, 'using_apache', False)): self.getPage('/demo/errinstream?id=5') # Because this error is raised after the response body has # started, the status should not change to an error status. self.assertStatus('200 OK') self.assertBody('nonconfidential') else: # Because this error is raised after the response body has # started, and because it's chunked output, an error is raised by # the HTTP client when it encounters incomplete output. self.assertRaises((ValueError, IncompleteRead), self.getPage, '/demo/errinstream?id=5') # If this fails, then on_end_request isn't being called at all. time.sleep(0.1) self.getPage('/demo/ended/5') self.assertBody('True') # Test the "__call__" technique (compile-time decorator). self.getPage('/demo/restricted') self.assertErrorPage(401) # Test compile-time decorator with kwargs from config. self.getPage('/demo/userid') self.assertBody('Welcome!')
[docs] def testEndRequestOnDrop(self): old_timeout = None try: httpserver = cherrypy.server.httpserver old_timeout = httpserver.timeout except (AttributeError, IndexError): return self.skip() try: httpserver.timeout = timeout # Test that on_end_request is called even if the client drops. self.persistent = True try: conn = self.HTTP_CONN conn.putrequest('GET', '/demo/stream?id=9', skip_host=True) conn.putheader('Host', self.HOST) conn.endheaders() # Skip the rest of the request and close the conn. This will # cause the server's active socket to error, which *should* # result in the request being aborted, and request.close being # called all the way up the stack (including WSGI middleware), # eventually calling our on_end_request hook. finally: self.persistent = False time.sleep(timeout * 2) # Test that the on_end_request hook was called. self.getPage('/demo/ended/9') self.assertBody('True') finally: if old_timeout is not None: httpserver.timeout = old_timeout
[docs] def testGuaranteedHooks(self): # The 'critical' on_start_resource hook is 'failsafe' (guaranteed # to run even if there are failures in other on_start methods). # This is NOT true of the other hooks. # Here, we have set up a failure in NumerifyTool.numerify_map, # but our 'critical' hook should run and set the error to 502. self.getPage('/demo/err_in_onstart') self.assertErrorPage(502) tmpl = "AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute '{attr}'" expected_msg = tmpl.format(attr='items') self.assertInBody(expected_msg)
[docs] def testCombinedTools(self): expectedResult = (ntou('Hello,world') + europoundUnicode).encode('utf-8') zbuf = io.BytesIO() zfile = gzip.GzipFile(mode='wb', fileobj=zbuf, compresslevel=9) zfile.write(expectedResult) zfile.close() self.getPage('/euro', headers=[ ('Accept-Encoding', 'gzip'), ('Accept-Charset', 'ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7')]) self.assertInBody(zbuf.getvalue()[:3]) zbuf = io.BytesIO() zfile = gzip.GzipFile(mode='wb', fileobj=zbuf, compresslevel=6) zfile.write(expectedResult) zfile.close() self.getPage('/decorated_euro', headers=[('Accept-Encoding', 'gzip')]) self.assertInBody(zbuf.getvalue()[:3]) # This returns a different value because gzip's priority was # lowered in conf, allowing the rotator to run after gzip. # Of course, we don't want breakage in production apps, # but it proves the priority was changed. self.getPage('/decorated_euro/subpath', headers=[('Accept-Encoding', 'gzip')]) self.assertInBody(bytes([(x + 3) % 256 for x in zbuf.getvalue()]))
[docs] def testBareHooks(self): content = 'bit of a pain in me gulliver' self.getPage('/pipe', headers=[('Content-Length', str(len(content))), ('Content-Type', 'text/plain')], method='POST', body=content) self.assertBody(content)
[docs] def testHandlerWrapperTool(self): self.getPage('/tarfile') self.assertBody('I am a tarfile')
[docs] def testToolWithConfig(self): if not sys.version_info >= (2, 5): return self.skip('skipped (Python 2.5+ only)') self.getPage('/tooldecs/blah') self.assertHeader('Content-Type', 'application/data')
[docs] def testWarnToolOn(self): # get try: except AttributeError: pass else: raise AssertionError('Tool.on did not error as it should have.') # set try: = True except AttributeError: pass else: raise AssertionError('Tool.on did not error as it should have.')
[docs] def testDecorator(self):'on_start_resource') def example(): pass self.assertTrue(isinstance(, cherrypy.Tool)) self.assertEqual(, 'on_start_resource') # noqa: F811 'before_finalize', name='renamed', priority=60, ) def example(): pass self.assertTrue(isinstance(, cherrypy.Tool)) self.assertEqual(, 'before_finalize') self.assertEqual(, 'renamed') self.assertEqual(, 60)
[docs]class SessionAuthTest(unittest.TestCase):
[docs] def test_login_screen_returns_bytes(self): """ login_screen must return bytes even if unicode parameters are passed. Issue 1132 revealed that login_screen would return unicode if the username and password were unicode. """ sa = cherrypy.lib.cptools.SessionAuth() res = sa.login_screen(None, username=str('nobody'), password=str('anypass')) self.assertTrue(isinstance(res, bytes))
[docs]class TestHooks:
[docs] def test_priorities(self): """ Hooks should sort by priority order. """ Hook = cherrypy._cprequest.Hook hooks = [ Hook(None, priority=48), Hook(None), Hook(None, priority=49), ] hooks.sort() by_priority = operator.attrgetter('priority') priorities = list(map(by_priority, hooks)) assert priorities == [48, 49, 50]