What is this tutorial about?

This tutorial covers the basic steps for a newcomer to come to grips with CherryPy’s unique approach to web application development. After following this tutorial, you will be able to understand how CherryPy applications work, and also to implement simple but yet powerful applications on your own. Some knowledge of the Python programming language is assumed. One does not need to be an expert to work with CherryPy, but a good understanding of object-oriented basics is strongly recommended.

This tutorial only covers the basic features of CherryPy, but it tries to present them in a way that makes it easier for you to discover how to use them. The CherryPy distribution comes with several good tutorial applications; however, the best way to master CherryPy is to use it to write your own Web applications. The embedded web server makes it easy for anyone not only to try, but also to deploy local applications, or even small Internet-enabled web sites. Try it, and let us know what you did with it!

Knowledge required

It is assumed that the user has:

  • Some knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Some experience with basic object oriented programming
  • Some knowledge of HTML, which is necessary to build the Web pages

Learning Python

As stated above, this is not a guide to the Python language. There are plenty of good resources for those learning Python (just to name a few among the best: Learn Python The Hard Way, A Byte Of Python and Dive into Python). The official Python website lists some good resources, including an excellent tutorial.